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“The God-Man, the Word revealed in flesh, God’s Son, who, from eternity, had chosen the mystery of His incarnation and redemption in human form, is the Creator. Even though He was only born in the fullness of time, He regarded Himself as our Brother with our flesh and blood and created in our name, fashioning the whole of nature in the shape and after the likeness and image of the human nature that He would assume out of the love with which He created Adam in the image of God. We wanted to exist — we received our existence. We wanted the happiest existence for ourselves — we would not have attained this if we were the first-born of creation; this rank would have made us the unhappiest creatures. We did not possess this wisdom, but our Father, the Creator, knew this in His Son, and our Brother, the Son, knew this in His Father and our Father. They knew that in the sequence of divine miracles the youngest, the last in creation, would be the first. This is the secret and hidden wisdom that no one but God’s Spirit could devise..."

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We wanted to exist?

How can a piece of clay know or want anything? It's the Creator who wanted us to exist. We are nothing apart from Him.

John 1:12-13

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