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The Gospel According to the Minor Prophets

The Gospel according to Hosea:

God's love wounds

God's love can be wounded

God's love, wounded, heals the wounding

The Gospel according to Joel:

Dream, children! Dream, slaves!

There's nothing now to fear!

When God throws the party

the first serve the best wines

to the last

The Gospel according to Amos:

Some truths only nobodies know

like God prefers bent sticks to fine lines

and Justice is worship dead to rights

The Gospel according to Obadiah:

Because of your pride, I bring you down

In my humility, I go down with you

There, we are sanctuary for others

The Gospel according to Jonah:

The word of judgment is nothing but the word of mercy

taking the long way home

The Gospel according to Micah:

The story of salvation: God leaves home

alone in the dark,

limping just like his father

The Gospel according to Nahum:

Bloody ones, your cruelties are endless

so I myself will be your end—I'll make your grave

my own

The Gospel according to Habakkuk:

The only praise God wants to hear

comes after nervy protest

and the unnerving silence that follows

The Gospel according to Zephaniah:

You say I'm a do-nothing God, but my day's coming

I'll act and when I'm done there'll be nothing left—

but jubilee

The Gospel according to Haggai:

The poor are God's signet ring

Only those with nothing left to lose can dare believe

how good our future yet may be

The Gospel according to Zechariah:

What do I see? A city without walls or sentries

A table set for all God's giddy friends

Faces bright with joy

The Gospel according to Malachi:

Our curse: we cannot tell how we wound God and neighbor

But the curse is cursed! God, as neighbor, heals


Jan Sawczak
Jan Sawczak
May 24, 2021

Zephaniah, for sure. Not enough air time, there.


Beautiful thoughts. Would you explain what does it means what you wrote in the Micah part? The story of salvation: God leaves home

alone in the dark, limping just like his father What do you mean by "limping just like his father"? Is it a reference to Jacob?


Josiah Andrews
Josiah Andrews
Apr 20, 2021

Stunning. I’m particularly in awe of Joel. “Those who go arrive first serve the best wine to the last”


Dennis Milner
Dennis Milner
Apr 19, 2021

Wow! What a unique and encouraging summation of each book! Thank you. I need to read the minor prophets again.

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