Befriending limitation
welcoming mystery

Rooted in Tradition | Open to the Spirit



learning the way of Jesus

Open to the Spirit

The Spirit leads us along the way of Jesus into the fullness of the Father's love,
opening up the full complexity of human experience to the full mystery of God.

“This age needs people like trees, filled with a silent peace,
rooted at the same time in solid ground and in the open sky.” 
Olivier Clément

Chris Green is Professor of Public Theology at Southeastern University (Lakeland, FL) and Director for St Anthony Institute of Theology, Philosophy, and Liturgics. He is the author and editor of a number of books, including most recently All Things Beautiful: An Aesthetic Christology. He and his wife, Julie, live in Tulsa with their three kids: Zoë, Clive, and Emery, and their Weimaraner, Auggie. 

Chris E.W. green